Junior Coaching

Junior Coaching starting on Sundays at 11am. New block to start May. First session FREE for newcomers

We have had a good run indoors in Jan, Feb and March and are now ready to start out doors. If you are intresested in trying out a session - the first lesson is free.

OUR FIRST LESSON IS FREE to allow parents and children to sample the club and the coaching before committing.

WE OFFER EXCELLENT VALUE THEREAFTER. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below answers questions on costs. We encourage parents to take up special membership for themselves and their child. We ask parents to pay only £10 to join. Parents can then get on the courts and have fun with thier children and build on the coaching.

WHAT'S THE BENEFITS OF COACHING? Essentially better playing ability and therefore better enjoyement.

Along the way children also build other skills: listening, engaging with others, learning to win/lose gracefully, team work and taking responsibility.

We salute YOU parents!! We know getting children ready, transporting and waiting around is not easy when you have a 100 other things to do - but ultimately - parents know we get out what we put in with our children.

Below are information sheets which may answer some further question, you can talk to Waqar or Liz for more information on 0781 458 9090 (Waqar) and 07944 298304 (Liz).

FAQs and Costs - click to view (compare prices to other club)

Safety Rules - Things to note to have a safe session - click to view

Application Form - click to view

LTA Mini Wall Chart - click to view

A word from our enthusiastic coach - click to view


We have just had delivery of four hoodies for the junior team - photos will be up soon. They look ace.